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​Construction of your new house

​Traditional house construction

​The traditional Provençal house is authentic with character, warm colors, natural and timeless materials. (stones, wood, tiles, terracotta) which fit perfectly into the Provençal decor.

The traditional house often has a roof with an exposed frame. A roof covering with a PST under tile and recovery channel tile. One of the main and essential characteristics of the Provençal house is the "Genoise". Let it be simple. double or sometimes even triple with an intermediate terracotta parefolie, it will undeniably bring charm to your home.

​Contemporary house construction

​The modern house is a freer creation, with different styles, simple lines, innovative and noble materials (metal, wood, glass and stone). With a flat or green roof which will give a more refined style to the house. The contemporary house has significant windows, often large bay windows to optimize natural lighting and offer you a sensational view of the outside.

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